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"Wonderland's Garden" Print

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Flowers have come to symbolize for me the blooming and die back cycle we all go through many times in our lives.

Perhaps you are moving along a path, and then that path becomes untenable. Perhaps where you thought you were going and who you thought you were die away.

But nothing has really died, you will return when the time is right. Only now you will have gained wisdom and clarity.

Part of the Circle Collection. Read about it here.

Please note, in order to offer a variety of standard sizes, some of the sizes will be cropped.

PRINTED TO ORDER.  Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery. Printed on archival bamboo fine art paper. All prints come unframed.

Also available as a canvas print.

"Wonderland's Garden" Print
"Wonderland's Garden" Print
"Wonderland's Garden" Print