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Originally published March 14, 2021
It was a year ago today that I got on the phone and began cancelling the accommodations and plane tickets and rental cars for my oldest daughter’s elaborately planned college tour. Today, none of us knows what the future will bring. But the thing of it is: we have never known.  
I’ve always been a big planner, in spite of my plans almost never working out as I intended. You would think this would cause me to stop planning, but it hasn’t. Because dynamically moving and creating is what life does. And we are life. 
My daughter turns 18 this month, and she’s still not sure where she plans to go to college. But as she contemplates the path ahead, here are some things I would really like her to know. And since I've been told I have strong mothering energy, I thought I would share them with you in case you need to hear these words as well. 
1. Pick yourself. Do not wait for some one or some place to tell you you are worthy. It’s not going to happen anyway. You must pick yourself and be on your own side. In the words of the Avett Brothers “Decide what to be, and then go be it.”  
2. Awareness comes from engagement. You can’t always think your way through. You must do it, and then decide if you’re headed in the right direction.
3. If you come to an impasse and can’t decide which way to go, it might be time for a rest. After a rest, follow your curiosity. 
4. All paths are worthy.
5. May you always be able to find your way home.
Much love,
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